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Grit Daily News X Healthtech Women: Covering Women in Health

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Time & place

  • San Francisco | CA

  • Tue, Jul 30 2019
  • 6-8:00pm PST
Perkins Coie.
505 Howard Street #1000
San Francisco, CA 94105

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Event Details

Grit Daily News ( heads over th the San Francisco Bay Area for one of its now-infamous, engaging talks — this time with women in health tech.

With plenty of drinks –both kinds — and appetizers to go around contribute to the conversation with meaningful discussion sessions for each and every attendee and a Q&A with the panelists.

The core talk will include a drill down on practical culture-building and fundraising examples and a short list of “what not to do.”

A “press friendly” event, media will be in attendance. Don’t think there’s enough coverage of women in tech? Come change that.



Jordan French- Executive Editor, Grit Daily News

Ran Ma- CEO, Siren Care

Carla Brenner- President, Healthtech Women

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